During the pre proposal phase and implementation period of the project importance has been paid in the technological training of the public and target groups; as training has been considered a keystone for knowledge transfer.

The FruitFlyNet Project, apart from its media presence, scientific publications etc., had a twofold approach to Knowledge Dissemination (WP2/ T2.3) utilizing (1) conventional learning spraying practices and (2) e-learning spraying practices.

In this section we summarise the conventional learning practices that were followed. These are mainly Trainings organised by project partners, addressed specific target groups and final beneficiaries of the project, and aimed mainly on informing them of the achievements of the projects, presenting the new technology and methodology of the project and enabling them to use the proposed new tools. Seven (7) Trainings in both EU and Non-EU countries were organised and were attended by more than 200 beneficiaries. 

Using the links bellow you can get detailed information on the Trainings organized and access the training material.

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