Scientists from 5 Med countries,  Greece (AUA & UTH), Italy (CRA-FRU), Israel (ARO), Jordan (NCARE), and Spain (UIB), are collaborating to create a control system that will harmonizemanagement strategies for specific key-pests (Olive, Med, Cherry and some invasive species)

 FruitFlyNet project aims to develop a Location Aware System (LAS) geared to prevent and reduce the environmental risk factors at the Mediterranean Sea basin level. It will contribute to the development and implementation of environmentally effective e-monitoring and ground spraying control solutions, based on prototypes, technological innovations, and knowledge transfer for specific key-pests in the Mediterranean, in order to increase the quality and quantity of available fruit to local consumers at lower prices. Currently, alternative methods for covering spray broad spectrum insecticide, such as proteinaceous liquid attractants or mass trapping with food-based or synthetic attractant or bio insecticides, are still underdeveloped because of high monitoring and application costs. The project addresses: 

  • Reduction of the effects of different sources of pollution at the level of urban, industrial, and agricultural areas.
  • Support for adaptation strategies to increase ecosystem resilience to climate change and reduce risk of loss of ecosystem values and services.
  • Plans to substitute cover spray broad spectrum insecticides with novel information and communication technologies.

In the above framework, early detection and warning of invasive species of low population density into the region is essential for the initiation of immediate actions aimed at eradicating the insects from the invasive areas. The innovation is regarded as process oriented as it aims to replace currently used methods and processes of monitoring and managing pests. It adequately stresses on its innovative approach to combat pests by reducing the lag time component between the collection of data, their transmission process and final action and by focalizing the chemical treatment just to the bait zone on the tree.

To this end, FruitFlyNet project will provide the solution for the farmers as it provides them with a precision pest management control system, for local communities as they will be warned upon the early detection of a pest, for consumers as they will consume healthier food without ant pesticide residues, for environmentalists as they will have an effective tool to monitor and manage pests.

Demo,Test Site 07.12.2015

Results Open WS & Final CM, Volos 2015

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