The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) is the research branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel. The ARO is composed of 6 Institutes: 

  1. Institute of Plants Sciences
  2. Institute of Plant Protection
  3. Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
  4. Institute of Animal Sciences
  5. Institute of Agricultural Engineering and
  6. Institute of Post Harvest and Food Sciences
The ARO is concentrated in three campuses: 
  1. the Volcani Center, located close to Tel Aviv and bearing most of the infrastructure and personnel of  ARO,
  2. Newe Yaar Agricultural Center, located in the Center-North of Israel and 
  3. Gilat Agricultural Center, located in the South of the country and at the border of the desert. 
The 3 centers provide, through research & development, tools and elements to deal with problems of agricultural production in Israel and to keep Israel's agricultural research at the edge of world scientific developments. The ARO staff is composed of 202 scientists, 390 research assistants and technicians, more than 200 post-graduate students and visiting scientist and fellowships. The ARO has played, and still playing, an important role in the Israeli agricultural and rural development, and has plenty contributed to agricultural and basic sciences in the world. The ARO is linked to many international organizations and science foundations, and keeps scientific collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes throughout most of the world.




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